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The tea we make here is a meditation on our aliveness, our ties to others and the remedies we devise to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy. Laid out on the table are items required to make cups of tea. Hot water waiting in thermoses, reusable tea infusers, cups, and various herbs. Some of these herbs were gathered from local gardens, and some still grow on the table before you. You are invited to create a blend and enjoy the smell, taste and healing properties of your tea.
Once your brew has disappeared from your cup there is a large bowl of water to rinse it clean. Before rinsing out the tea infusers retrieve the leaves and add to the growing mound of plant matter. Everything can be left to air dry, ready to use by those who come after you.

Healing Practices, curated by Rachel Ciesla
7 March - 5 May 2019
Bundoora Homestead, Bundoora, VIC

Images: Michaela Dutková


Select a cup and infuser
Gently give attention to the herbs laid out on the table
Use senses to understand their textures, scents and stories
Pick some leaves and collect them in palm of hand
Crush the leaves
Place the crushed leaves into the infuser
Place the tea infuser into the cup
From a thermos pour hot water into the cup
Once cool enough begin to sip from the cup
Observe the interaction between leaves, water and body
Enjoy the cup of tea
Once the brew has disappeared retrieve the infuser from the cup
Retrieve the leaves from the infuser
Add to the growing mound of plant matter
In the large bowl of water rinse cup and infuser
Leave cup and infuser to air dry
ready to use by those who come after you